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Roundabout San Diego

with Beverley and Alex

On Monday night, Pumpkin never came home, and the next morning he was still gone. His humans went into panic mode, putting flyers up all around the neighborhood. Thankfully he came running home the next morning, very excited but unhurt. More… (Feb 01, 2014)
The little guy loves to lie on our front path and watch the traffic go by on Massachusetts Ave. Luckily he's smart enough to keep his distance from the road itself. More… (Aug 25, 2013)
It's a cat's life! More… (Aug 15, 2013)
During his nightly mad half hours, he dashes through the room and leaps to the top of it. More… (Feb 22, 2013)
Pumpking falling off the edge of the bed while playing. No damage done. He just bounced right back and kept playing. More… (Sep 21, 2012)
So full of play! How can you not love the little guy? More… (Sep 21, 2012)
Found this little guy hiding in the engine of our car. Vet says he's 2 months old. We think we'll keep him! More… (Sep 19, 2012)
Boo enjoys asserting her authority over her peeps. Here she is putting Alex in his place by using him as her pedestal. More… (Dec 02, 2009)
Boo no longer likes to drink out of her cat bowl. After trying to drink out of the glass on Alex's desk she now expects her own glass of water. More… (Sep 09, 2007)