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Roundabout San Diego

with Beverley and Alex

Pudla is an Indian dish made with chickpea flour. This one was vegan and gluten-free. I made it for Saturda's happy hour. Was very tasty. Will definitely have it again! More… (Nov 10, 2013)
Had this last night. Easy to make and very savory. Will definitely try it again. More… (Aug 21, 2013)
A couple of weekends ago I cooked pizza on the grill for the first time. We were really pleased with the results and plan to do this often over the summer months. More… (Feb 21, 2010)
We had happy hour in front of the fire this afternoon. I made a sweet onion dip from Martha Stewart's site. More… (Feb 21, 2010)
It's been cold and wet for us here so I made this classic minestrone soup. It's a lovely warm feeling to sit in front of a roaring fire with a hot bowl of soup and some fresh crispy bread for dunking. More… (Feb 21, 2010)
I was looking around for something easy to put together for our Saturday happy hour and came across these Cheddar cobwebs. Very easy to make and so few ingredients you're bound to have them on hand. More… (Feb 21, 2010)
This was the best chocolate cake ever. Even Alex, who does not like cake without some sort of butter cream frosting, whipped cream, or ice-cream, loved this cake on it's own. More… (Dec 30, 2009)
Alex and I just had a piece of last night's pan-baked lemon-almond tart. It tasted great! More… (Dec 24, 2009)
Last year when we were in Germany, we often had these crunchy bread rolls for breakfast with cheese and/or jam. We loved them, so yesterday I attempted to make my own. More… (Dec 23, 2009)
Today's dinner came from a catalogue from a few weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Served it with a salad from Trader Joe's. More… (Mar 31, 2009)
Made these cookies on Sunday and several were eaten within 1/2 hour of coming out of the oven. With great texture and just the right amount of raisins. More… (Mar 31, 2009)
I bought some soba noodles with no idea in mind other than wanting to try them. Alex didn't think he'd like 'buckwheat' noodles, but this meal made him a fan. More… (Mar 22, 2009)
Alex and I had our St. Patrick's Day dinner last night. I've been making this once a year for over 8 years and I can't remember how I came about this recipe. More… (Mar 22, 2009)
While Alex was hard at work on the bathroom I made cornmeal cookies. I had the cornmeal in medium grind which left the cookies a little grainy. If I make them again I'll try a finer grind. More… (Mar 21, 2009)
Alex made cupcakes this afternoon from a box by the Barefoot Contessa. The Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting were easy to make and Alex didn't make too much of a mess while preparing and baking. More… (Jan 13, 2009)
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