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Roundabout San Diego

with Beverley and Alex

Home Repairs
Finally finished the new deck by the back doors! It turned out to be a much larger project than I had anticipated, because of all the miter cuts, but we're happy with the end result. Click through to compare the 'before' photo. More… (Jan 26, 2014)
Boo helps to prime the walls in the master bathroom. More… (Nov 30, 2009)
A bee hive in the wall of the spare bedroom. It started out with us noticing a huge number of bees in the air around the house but we couldn't figure out where they were coming from. More… (Mar 30, 2009)
While digging around under the house Alex came across this mummified rat which he touched with his bare hands - eww! More… (Mar 15, 2009)
We are exhausted after a busy day pulling down the ceiling. Alex actually pulled it all down but I did help in the clean up. More… (Feb 22, 2009)
Came home to a great sight on Friday - the bathtub and toilet were in the back parking space. More… (Feb 20, 2009)
The cabinets were easy to remove but the mirror caused a slight delay in our progress. It took quite a bit of fiddling around but we managed to keep it in one piece - the question now is what do we do with it. More… (Feb 17, 2009)
So the madness begins yet again. Some "before" photos: First we have our toilet, sitting all white and shiny in that sea of different shades of putrid green - lovely. More… (Feb 16, 2009)
I have been wanting to post the before and after photos for so long and couldn't wait any longer. We have so little left to do - put up the trim around the window and then paint that and the door trim, and that's it. More… (Jan 13, 2009)
Finally, after living here for 6 years we have the whole house fan I've wanted since we moved in. La Mesa temperatures get into the 90s during a heat wave and a few times have been well over 100 deg. F. More… (Jun 10, 2008)
Since we had the outside of the house refinished we haven't had much privacy on the patio. We want to put back the bamboo we had there before but had to prep the wall first. More… (Nov 17, 2007)
I received a phone call at work today around 10am. Alex called in a bit of a panic because the color they were putting on the house seemed very orange. More… (Oct 10, 2007)
The painters started on the house today. We're doing the trim in navy blue. More… (Oct 09, 2007)
We have decided to have the exterior of the house refinished and had to do some prep work. Out front we had some overgrown plants which all had to be cut down. More… (Oct 07, 2007)