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with Beverley and Alex

Alex in a Panic
I received a phone call at work today around 10am. Alex called in a bit of a panic because the color they were putting on the house was orange. He didn't think I would go for it and wanted me to come home to take a look.


I must admit I took one look at the photo above and my mouth dropped to the floor. I asked Alex to stop the painting until I got home but the workers continued on saying not to worry, it would appear darker after the 2nd coat and when it had dried properly.

I came home and drove up the drive-way to find this.

I was in utter shock. I was sure this wasn't the color I had chosen. The workers continued working while Alex and I paced the patio. We couldn't do much - it would be too expensive to change our minds (we had already changed our minds once going from a wishy-washy grey to terra cotta because I wanted to be bold and different from all the neighbors). After a deep breath and another cup of coffee (too early in the day to have a shot of whiskey which is what I really wanted) we decided to go with it.

These are taken from the street


We are thrilled with the finished look. The house really stands out on the street and it has a nice warm look to it. We could design the front yard to give it a Mediterranean or Southwest look. Can't wait to get started on that.
Posted by Beverley on Wed Oct 10, 2007
Categories: Home Repairs

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