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Charlie Gets His Own Place
Yesterday Charlie moved into his own studio apartment. He's going to be living in a huge apartment complex, gated, tennis courts, massive swimming pool, jacuzzi, parking, etc., with his girlfriend Danielle. It's a couple of blocks from Mission Bay, walking distance to the beach and to his work. And what is Danielle like? I haven't actually met her yet and she's currently on vacation and won't be home until next weekend. Alex and I hope to have them over for dinner in the near future. Some photos of the apartment show how small the place is but they both have good ideas to maximize the space.

Here's Charlie opening up the box of pots and pans we picked up at IKEA. And the first, almost full, cupboard with the plates and, most important, the wine glasses.

image image

While we were unpacking and making up the bed Charlie kept texting and sending photos of what we were doing to Danielle. The kitchen is tiny but plenty big enough for Charlie and Danielle to cook a healthy meal together.

image image

They are going to save and buy a love seat for the sitting area and some bar stools so they can eat at the kitchen counter.

Posted by Beverley on Sun Feb 08, 2009
Categories: Family/Friends News

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