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with Beverley and Alex

Cleaning up the Front Yard
What a day! Alex and I are both hurting in places we didn't know existed. We have decided to have the exteria of the house refinished using tex-cote and we had to do some prep work ahead of time. Out front we had some overgrown plants with roots going well below the foundation line which all had to be cut down. It took all day and we're pretty exhuasted. We resorted to Panda Express for dinner because I just didn't want to face standing on my feet a moment longer. Anyway, we are going to have a light gray house with dark blue trim. To give you an idea of what we did today here are some before and after photos.

Alex starting the job

View from the street - you can see how much work is needed in the front yard

Alex wondering why I'm the one with the camera while he's doing all the work

Not even close to being done

Now we (Alex) just have to pull the roots - easier said than done

More photos in a week or two when the house has been resurfaced.

Posted by Beverley on Sun Oct 07, 2007
Categories: Home Repairs

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