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Grilled Pizza
A couple of weekends ago I cooked pizza on the grill for the first time. We were really pleased with the results and plan to do this often over the summer months. I first saw someone doing this on the Food Network channel a while ago - it might have been Bobby Flay. I bought the dough pre-made from Trader Joe's and pre-cooked some of the filling. Sauteed some sliced asparagus, mushrooms, and shallots. Used half the dough that came in the packet and let it come to room temperature then rolled and stretched it to the desired size and thickness - this was the hard part because just when I thought it was the right size, it shrank! Once I was happy with it, I threw it on a hot grill (we have a gas grill and the temperature was about 400) shut the lid and let it cook for a few minutes.

What I should have done at that point was flip it over and then put the toppings on. What I did was put the toppings on without flipping. After spreading the asparagus, mushrooms, and onions over the top I sliced some creamy blue cheese onto it, put it back on the grill and cooked until the cheese was melted.

image image

The bottom side got a little burnt around the edges which wasn't that bad and didn't take away from the flavor of the toppings. Next time I will flip the dough once it firms up and then put on the toppings.

image image

We had the pizza for happy hour but it could easily have done us for dinner with a side salad.
Posted by Beverley on Sun Feb 21, 2010
Categories: Recipes

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this looks so good!!
Posted by Apple in La Jolla on Wed Mar 10, 2010 at 02:51 PM

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