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Life or Death
I had a bit of an accident yesterday and Alex had to take me to Grossmont Hospital emergency room.


I almost bled to death trying to set up a shot of my newly baked cookies. I tried to move a glass, and instead it fell and broke and I managed to gouge a chunk out of my thumb. I wasn't too worried at first - there was a lot of blood all over the floor and in the sink but I managed to stop it after a while. Alex made me pour peroxide over the wound to clean it (I will get him back for the pain I experienced with that), and I put a band-aid on it. But a short while later I noticed blood running down my arm and all over my pants so Alex decided it was time for a trip to the hospital.

These pictures are taken with my cell phone so they're not super clear but you can see the wound and the bruising surrounding it.




We were there for just over 4 hours and while I tried to be brave I almost passed out when the doctor was putting in the 2 stitches - I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to anything gory.

I did manage to get the shot I was going for which will be in one of the upcoming blogs with the recipe for raisin oatmeal cookies.
Posted by Beverley on Mon Mar 30, 2009
Categories: Miscellaneous

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You look quite proud of yourself on that gurney!
Ouch your finger looks hideous and painful
Posted by mb on Mon Nov 02, 2009 at 10:51 AM

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