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Master Bath Remodel
So the madness begins yet again. Yesterday we started tearing down the cabinets and walls in the master bathroom. Due to a busy month at work it took me a few weeks to actually pack up the old bathroom and half of our bedroom so the work can be done without distractions.

I wanted to show one or two photos to show how bad the bathroom was but one or two just wasn't enough do it justice. First we have our toilet, sitting all white and shiny in that sea of different shades of putrid green - lovely. Next we have the very large bath tub that was too big to actually take a bath in.

image image

When previous owners installed the cabinets they cut the countertop too short and fixed it by inserting a small piece at the end - but it wasn't attached to anything and often moved out of place leaving a huge gap. And just below the countertop the top drawer would never close properly.

image image

Part of this remodel plan is to install a pocket door between the kitchen and the master bedroom. In an earlier posting I talked about removing our old water heater and showed the gap it created (go to tankless water heater for the full story). Well this is the other side of the wall where the pocket door will go.


Posted by Beverley on Mon Feb 16, 2009
Categories: Home Repairs

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can't wait to see your new master bathroom!!
Beverley, you guys are doing such a great job!
Such an inspiration!!
Posted by Apple in La Jolla on Wed Feb 18, 2009 at 10:25 AM

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