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with Beverley and Alex

Terra - Sunday Brunch
Just got back from sunday brunch at Terra, our favorite local restaurant. Only problem is that all that pre-noon eating and drinking really wears you out for the rest of the day!

The Sunday brunch is one of the best deals in town. If ordering from the regular brunch menu 3 glasses of champagne or mimosas are included in the price. Did we say no to that offer? Absolutely not! Our total bill (not counting tip) was $21.

Below, the interior of Terra. There weren't many people there when we arrived at 9am, but by 10 it was pretty crowded. Reservations are recommended for after 10.

terra interior

Beverley ordered the short rib hash with scrambled eggs.

Terra short rib hash

I got the "All-American Breakfast" -- two fried eggs, sausages, and potatoes.

Terra eggs and sausage
Posted by Alex on Sun Aug 18, 2013
Categories: Restaurant Reviews, La Mesa

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