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with Beverley and Alex

Thanksgiving Dinner at Bo Beau
What's not to love about Thanksgiving dinner? Especially if you don't have to prepare it yourself and have no dishes to do afterwards!

After sitting down and ordering a bottle of wine, the bartender came over and gave us each a free glass of champagne, which we thought was a very nice gesture. But we didn't notice anyone else getting the free champagne. So we were curious why we had been singled out. Though we weren't about to complain!

Also, we ordered a $32 bottle of wine, but they served us a $24 bottle. Their wine menu is a bit confusing. It listed the region of the wine, but not the name. So we just assumed we had been served the correct wine. But when we got the bill, we realized the mix-up because we had only been charged $24. Since we thought the wine was pretty good, and we had saved $8, we once again weren't going to complain.

Alex: I had the soup, followed by the turkey entree, and ending up with the pumpkin bread pudding. It was all very tasty. My only complaint was that the turkey came with a single scoop of stuffing. I really would have liked more.

Posted by Alex on Fri Nov 29, 2013
Categories: Restaurant Reviews

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