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What’s That Buzzing in the Wall?
A comment that Bookman left the other day in response to the 'Killer Bees Attack La Mesa" was referring to our run in with a bee hive in the wall of the spare bedroom. It started out with us noticing a huge number of bees in the air around the house but we couldn't figure out where they were coming from. Then we started seeing dead bees on the floor by the front window of the living room. One morning Charlie said he kept hearing buzzing at night and it sounded as if it was coming from the walls - we thought he had been dreaming. But we eventually listened to him and one night put our ears to the walls. As soon as we did that we not only heard the buzzing but felt the vibration as well. We knew right away that we had a bee hive in the walls of the front bedroom.

The bee people came out the next day and started the removal process. Here is the honey comb before it was removed from the wall


Did you know that when bees are in the hive they create their own air-conditioning by flapping their wings constantly? This keeps the honey solid and as soon as they stop flapping their wings the honey begins to soften and will start dripping? We didn't know that until we had to clean up the honey as it dripped down the wall so new bees wouldn't be attracted to the honey and move in. We actually took down the whole wall and had to disinfect the inside of the stucco.

Fortunately our bees were the regular type and not Africanized killers
Posted by Beverley on Mon Mar 30, 2009
Categories: Home Repairs

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