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Whole House Fan
Finally, after living here for 6 years we have the whole house fan that I've wanted since we moved in. Living in La Mesa the temperatures can get up into the 90s during a heat wave and a few times have been well over 100 deg. F. We both decided that it wasn't worth the cost to install and run an air conditioner and have learnt how to get by on a hot day. However, the nights were a completely different matter. Who can sleep when the house is steaming? Now that the whole house fan has been installed we can turn it on in the late evening to cool down the house making for a comfortable night of sleep.

Alex installed the fan himself taking a few days to do it. It can be done in a day but because the attic was so hot he worked for a couple of hours early each morning. Here are a few photos to show the installation.

He first had to cut into the ceiling beams and create a box big enough for the vent hole. As you can see we have the old style insulation which sticks to everything as you move around.

Next he had to install the ducts and attach to the vent hole. I helped lift the ducts into the attic - wish I had photos of that to show you all. They are really long and flexible and I had to push them up into the attic while standing on the bottom rung of the ladder and Alex pulling from the top.

The end of each duct had to be securely attached to the roof beams.

And there you have the finished product.

And now, here's a word from my personal handyman to give you some more information on the fan:

My memory of installing the fan: squatting in the attic, sweat pouring down my face as the temperature climbed over 100 degrees, choking on the dust of insulation. The phrase "Hell on Earth" kept going through my head.

So I wouldn't say it was easy to install, but in the end it was worth it since the fan is powerful and quiet -- our two main priorities.

The hardest part of the installation was cutting the rafters to make a space for the vent hole. The vent would have fit between rafters, without the need for any cutting, but not in a position where we wanted it to be. So I had to cut rafters.

Posted by Beverley on Tue Jun 10, 2008
Categories: Home Repairs

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